From floating to fulfilling the olympic dream

Learn to swim with Swimgym

Swimgym is a friendly place to develop confidence in the water for all ages and levels.

Float on front & back
Confident in water
Starting to kick
Move around pool
Basic freestyle
Breathing skills
School Age
Freestyle & Backstroke
Breaststroke & Butterfly
Gliding & Kicking
Mini Squads
Technical Efficiency
Distance & Development
Development of all 4 strokes
Holiday Program
Holiday block courses from pre school to mini
Adult Swimming
All stages from beginners to fitness squads.
Supporting & progressive

Important dates

31 Jan - 13 Apr

Term 1 2018

9 to 11 Week Term (Dependant of which day swimming)

Monday 30th April - Sunday 8th July
(No lesson Monday 4th June - Queen Birthday Weekend)

Term 2 2018

10 week Term (Monday 9 week Term)

Monday 23rd July to Sunday 30th September

Term 3 2018

10 Week Term

Monday 15th October to Sunday 23rd December
(No Lesson Monday 22nd October - Labour Day)

Term 4 2018

10 Week Term (Monday 9 weeks due to Labour Day 22nd October)

Monday 15th October to 17th December

Tuesday 16th October to 18th December

Wednesday 17th October to 19th December

Thursday 18th October to 20th December

Friday 19th October to 21st December

Saturday 20th October to 22nd December

Sunday 21st October to 23rd December