From floating to fulfilling the olympic dream

Learn to swim with Swimgym

Swimgym is a friendly place to develop confidence in the water for all ages and levels.

Float on front & back
Confident in water
Starting to kick
Move around pool
Basic freestyle
Breathing skills
School Age
Freestyle & Backstroke
Breaststroke & Butterfly
Gliding & Kicking
Mini Squads
Technical Efficiency
Distance & Development
Development of all 4 strokes
Holiday Program
Holiday block courses from pre school to mini
Adult Swimming
All stages from beginners to fitness squads.
Supporting & progressive

Important dates

Term 1 2019

Tuesday 29th January – Sunday 14th of April
Monday lessons start 4th February
No lesson 6th February – Waitangi Day

Term 2 2019

Monday 29th April – 1st July (9 weeks) Queens Birthday
Tuesday 30th April – 2nd July (10 weeks)
Wednesday 1st May – 3rd July (10 weeks)
Thursday 2nd May – 4th July (10 weeks)
Friday 3rd May – 5th July (10 weeks)
Saturday 4th May – 6th July (10 weeks)
Sunday 5th May – 7th July (10 weeks)

Term 3 2019

Monday 22nd July – 23rd September (10 weeks)
Tuesday 23rd July – 24th September (10 weeks)
Wednesday 24th July – 25th September (10 weeks)
Thursday 25th July – 26th September (10 weeks)
Friday 26th July – 27th September (10 weeks)
Saturday 27th July – 28th September (10 weeks)
Sunday 28th July – 29th September (10 weeks)

Term 4 2019

Monday 14th October – 16th December (9 weeks) No Lesson Labour Day 27th October
Tuesday 15th October – 17th December (10 weeks)
Wednesday 16th October – 18th December (10 weeks)
Thursday 17th October – 19th December (10 weeks)
Friday 18th October – 20th December (10 weeks)
Saturday 19th October – 21st December (10 weeks)
Sunday 20th October – 22nd December (10 weeks)