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Term 1 2017 Newsletter

Learning to Swim Year Round is Best!

At times recreational swimming and in turn swimming lessons can be seen as a seasonal activity, especially as the weather  cools. There are compelling reasons to continue with swimming lessons year round and make swimming a top priority for your child and your family’s budget. Following are some important reasons for you to consider.

Many parents start swimming lessons out of a concern for their child’s water safety. Although swimming lessons are never a substitute for parental supervision, they play a crucial part in building layers of protection for young children. The skills and behaviours that are taught in lessons need constant reinforcement throughout the year. The risks posed by drowning don’t go away in the cooler parts of the year, so neither should the lessons.

In addition to safety issues, continuing lessons is important to build and reinforce existing skills. This is particularly true with children under 5 years whose long-term skill retention and muscle memory are just beginning to develop. A break in lessons that stretches over many months will often result in a loss of skills. Even when parents can’t see substantial progress every week, the child is at least maintaining the current ability level, and that is progress in itself Don’t let all the time and money spent on lessons go to waste, keep up their skills.

In our society of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it is important for children to be involved in physical activities that establish a routine of fitness. Swimming offers one of the best activities for good health with minimal risk of sport related injury.  With infants there is the added benefit of enhancing and stimulating their general development.

Physical activities like swimming have been shown to improve many areas of a child’s development including academic performance, language, maths, fine and gross motor skills, confidence and coordination. Getting a good start can make a big difference later on.

Swimming lessons offer a unique combination of social and physical interactions with the teacher, their classmates and the aquatic environment. For some children, before starting school, these relationships can become their primary social bonds outside of the home and immediate family. It can be important to maintain these relationships with regular attendance.

Ultimately, the learning experience should be an enjoyable one. If children have a great time at the pool they will continue learning in their lessons because they are so much fun!

Most pools are maintained at constant temperatures throughout the year, so even when it is cooler outside, it can still be a comfortable, year-round, summer experience in the water. With a little extra attention, such as keeping children warm and drying them off well when they leave the pool, swimming will stay comfortable and beneficial all year.

Keep these ideas in mind as you continue with your lessons…Whenever possible, enjoy your swimming all year through!

© Swim Australia 2005 & Dave DuBois, Independent Learn to Swim Consultant and Swim Australia’s Swim TOUR Leader


Please be aware that you MUST accompany your children to their swimming lessons and not drop them off and return later to collect them.

This is for the Health & Safety of your child and something that Swimgym is dedicated to ensuring is followed.

If for any reason you need to leave poolside/Waiting Area during your child’s lesson then please communicate with  the Reception staff.

Term 2 Dates

Monday 1st May—3rd July—9 Weeks (No Lesson 5th June—Queens B/day)

Tuesday 2nd May—4th July—10 Weeks

Wednesday 3rd May—5th July—10 Weeks

Thursday 4th May—6th July—10 Weeks

Friday 5th May—7th July—10 Weeks

Saturday 6th May—8th July—10 Weeks

Sunday 7th May—9th July—10 Weeks

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