Our Programmes

Stage 4 – Mini Squads

Classes are designed to consolidate all of the skills that have been taught through the school age lessons.  The most important aspect of the programme is technical efficiency and developing all four strokes.  Fitness is slowly developed as swimmers progress from a half hour to an hour lesson in Marlins level.  Graduates are encouraged to continue on into the HPK Swimming Club, either at the competitive squad level or the recreational level. All swimmers are assessed before being placed into a mini squad class and placed at the appropriate level.

Seals 30 minute lessons

The main focus of the mini squad lesson is always technique. Primarily body position, followed by rotation and then arm skills. The emphasis is still on competent freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke and butterfly kick, butterfly arms, tumble turns and dives are introduced. Often swimmers will only travel half laps to ensure perfect technique.

Outcomes: 50m competent freestyle and backstroke; butterfly and breaststroke kick


  • Swim 50m competently in Freestyle
  • Swim 50m competently in Backstroke
  • Gain an understanding of Breaststroke and Butterfly kick
  • Gain a understanding of tumble turns
  • Introduction to diving technique

Orcas 45 minute lessons

Butterfly and breaststroke are further developed and more distance is achieved in the longer lesson.

Outcomes: 25m breaststroke, 15m butterfly, with increasingly good timing, competent tumble turn, streamlined dive into 25 swim.


  • Swim 25m Breaststroke competently
  • Swim 15m Butterfly with increasingly good timing
  • Competent in tumble turns
  • Achieve a streamlined dive into a 25m swim

Marlins One hour lessons

All strokes are worked on together with skills for racing, starts and turns.

Outcomes: 200m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 25m butterfly, 100m breaststroke, turns in all 4 strokes, dive/starts in all 4 strokes.


  • Swim 200m Freestyle
  • Swim 100m Backstroke
  • Swim 25m Butterfly
  • Swim 100m Breaststroke
  • Complete turns in all 4 strokes
  • Master diving and starts in all 4 strokes

General notes on Mini Squad Lessons

  • Maximum of 10 per class
  • Term and Holiday Block courses are offered
  • All lessons taught in 25m lap pool
  • All instructors are qualified
  • A mini squad race night is run each term for all currently enrolled mini squad students
  • Certificates are handed out at the start of each level (once payments is made)
  • Stickers are awarded as set standards are achieved. There are 4 stickers per level and they can then be stuck on to the certificate for that level.

Classes are designed to consolidate on all of the skills that have been taught through the school age lessons. The most important aspect of the programme is technical efficiency & developing all four of the strokes so the transition to racing is a smooth one. A mini-squad race night is run once a term. Fitness is also developed. The levels are close to each other so that there is sense of achievement & quick progression through mini squads. Swimmers progress from Mini Squad to the next level swimming Club.

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