Our Programmes

Stage 2 – Pre School (3 to 5 years)

Introduce your children to swimming in a fun and safe environment, giving them the confidence and skills to be safer and independent in the water.  Learning to swim also improves your child’s co-ordination and socialisation skills and fitness. Our Pre-school learners are grouped in one of the following levels according to ability.


Enter and exit the pool safely and comfortably move around the pool, submerge and blow bubbles and float aided on front and back.


  • Comfortable movement around the pool area
  • Float on noodle and put face under
  • Safe entry
  • Safe exit
  • Go under and blow bubbles
  • Comfortable submersion
  • Comfortable float on back (can be aided)


Achieve a comfortable submersion and a comfortable starfish float, a body position float on front and a suction float on back, have a basic kick understanding.


  • Comfortable submersion into float
  • Comfortable starfish float
  • Suction float on front and back
  • Basic kick understanding
  • Streamlined push off


Achieve a streamlined push off, float off the wall front and back unaided, have a good kick on front and back, turn from front to back and do 6 arm cycles freestyle


  • Float off wall front and back
  • Body position kick on front arms by side (good sound)
  • Back float and kick unaided
  • Turn from front to back (minimum 5 secs on front first)
  • Swim with board drill 4 stroke cycles
  • 6 arm cycles freestyle and backstroke


Learn kicking on side and breathing skills and drills, swim 5 metres with a board and a breathing stroke, swim 5 metres freestyle with a breathing stroke and 5 metres backstroke, do a kneeling dive.


  • Kick on side arms by side
  • Kick on side in breathing position
  • Roll Down drill with bottle or board
  • Swim 5m with board and a breathing stroke
  • Swim 5m unaided with a breathing stroke
  • Swim 5m Backstroke
  • Kneeling Dive


Consolidate breathing skills and develop more distance in swimming Swim 15 metres freestyle and backstroke.  Have a basic understanding of breaststroke and butterfly kick.


  • Rotational kick 6 kicks side front side
  • Kick on side one arm out breathing position change to other side
  • Kick on back streamlined
  • Backstroke swim
  • Ability to swim a 15m lap freestyle and backstroke
  • Basic Dive
  • Basic butterfly kick understanding
  • Basic breaststroke kick understanding

General Notes on Pre School Classes

  • Maximum of 3 children per class, 20 minute lesson
  • Term and holiday block courses are offered
  • Warm teaching pool
  • All instructors are qualified
  • Certificates are handed out at the start of each level (once payments is made)
  • Stickers are awarded as set standards are achieved. There are 4 stickers per level and they can then be stuck on to the certificate for that level.

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