Our Programmes

Stage 1 – Waterbabies (3 to 36 months)

Our fun lessons are designed to give infants and toddlers confidence in the water through songs and games and the use of colourful equipment.  Mum, Dad or the caregiver is in the water with them, which makes for a great bonding experience. Numerous studies have proven that lessons aid the development of co-ordination. Socialisation skills are also developed as well as giving your child the foundation for future swimming lessons. Babies and Toddlers are grouped on ability to ensure smooth flowing classes. 


Two classes are run at the entry level, one for babies 6 – 18 months and the other for toddlers 18 – 36 months.  Skills learned are the same but classes are designed to meet the development level of each age group. Caregivers are taught the correct holds and cues.  Babies and Toddlers learn safe entry and exit to the pool and confidence being in and under the water.


  • Happy and confident in the water
  • Comfortable being submerged with a gentle exit
  • Floating (aided) on their front and back
  • Aware of cues
  • Rotation from front to back with a hold
  • Caregivers know the holds
  • Caregivers are confident in what they are doing


Babies and Toddlers learn to monkey walk along the edge of the pool and will submerge more independently. They will glide from parent to teacher to parent and will become independent on a noodle


  • Monkey walk along the pool (may be aided)
  • Exit (climb out of) the pool safely
  • Turn around, swim out swim in
  • Submerge through hoop underwater
  • Push float from parent to teacher to parent
  • Independent on noodles


Babies and Toddlers are now fully independent, floating on front and back and starting to kick.  They are attempting big arms and will dive down and pick up toys from the bottom of the pool


  • Fully independent float on front
  • Float from caregiver to wall
  • Suction float on back
  • Attempting big arms
  • Diving down to bottom
  • Jump in on cue

General notes on Waterbabies classes:

  • Howick, maximum of 6 children per class, 30 minute lessons
  • Lloyd Elsmore, Otara and Papatoetoe, maximum of 8 children per class, 30 minute lessons
  • Warm teaching pool
  • All instructors are qualified
  • Certificates are handed out at the start of each level (once payment is made in full)
  • Stickers are awarded as set standards are achieved. There are 4 stickers per level and they can then be stuck on to the certificate for that level.

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